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Funk Drummer review – The latest drum app from Luis Martinez

Developer Luis Martinez has recently released the latest in his drum apps, this one with a brand new funk. It should be fairly obvious from the name in what to expect from Funk Drummer. Very similar in look and feel to his previous apps Rock Drummer (which I've reviewed here and here), Brazilian Drum Machine (review here), and Afro Latin Drum Machine 2, Funk Drummer is immediately playable and sounds great.

If you've used his previous apps, you'll know exactly how to get started here. The interface is very simple, with the main screen divided into three sections - Bank, Rhythm, and Sounds. Each of these sections is loaded with different options, and you can of course mix-and-match these to your liking. The preset rhythms provided are fantastic, and just be all you need to get started. String patterns together in the Song Mode to compose a full backing track easily.

If you prefer entering in your own beats, you can customize a preset, or start from scratch in the Edit section. Laid out in a simple step sequencer style grid, simply tap to enter your hits in each row. Feeling lucky? Try hitting the dice icon to randomize some grooves. It's all so very simple in this app, which is definitely one of its strengths. You can get a great groove going in no time, and spend more time playing.


One new feature in this app is the addition of MIDI sync. It's always good to see a drum app with MIDI sync, and I'm hoping Luis can implement this in his previous apps as well.

This is the kind of app I wish I had back in the days of jamming in my bedroom. I never had any kind of backing tracks, so "jamming" was essentially just me creating riffs that didn't go anywhere. But with Funk Drummer, I've been just having a blast, either by plugging in my guitar or using iFretless Bass to come up with some sweet rhythms.

While Funk Drummer is very easy to use, there is a surprising amount of flexibility, so you're not stuck with standard backing tracks. You can adjust the swing, the "jamming" intensity, add fills to the end of patterns, and of course choose from tons of different drum and cymbal types. This app needn't be just a "press play" backing track app.


Whether you're just looking to jam along, or you want to add some funky beats to your next track, it's easy to recommend Funk Drummer. Go and take a look at his other apps that I've mentioned as well. Now I've got dreams of a future "Metal Drummer" app.

If you're thinking about buying Funk Drummer, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 1051262865]

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