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Rytmik Ultimate – A new groovebox app for iPad

The developers Cinemax have just released their groovebox app Rytmik Ultimate for iPad (simultaneously released on the Nintendo 3DS and Windows Steam). Described as "a powerful pocket music station", this app is geared towards those who like to make chiptune or club/techno tracks. Check out the launch demo video below:

While not a traditional synth app like I usually review here, Rytmik Ultimate is more of a groovebox with over 750 instruments to arrange into a track. Although it is somehwat contained in some aspects, the app does allow for a good deal of modification, using traditional ADSR and various effects. Arranging your instruments might seem challenging at first, as the interface is jam packed with colorful boxes and controls. Trust me, you'll figure it out pretty quick. And once you do, it really is a lot of fun.


As you can see from the video and screen shot above, the interface has almost an "old-school" tracker kind of vibe. Once you've figured out the 4-track step sequencer, you'll be on your way to linking together sounds into a full piece. With over 750 instruments to choose from, you've got a lot of tools to play with.

You can also control almost every parameter or effect in the step sequencer, so you're constrained to using the stock sounds that come with the app. I'd suggest checking out some of the demo tracks that are included in order to get a good feel for how the interface works.


This app is a lot of fun to pick up and play. Admittedly, this app may not appeal to metal heads or folk singers. The app is iPad only, and the only export features right now are as a WAV file (sorry, no Audiobus or IAA). But if you like putting together some tasty jams or chiptunes, there's a lot to like here. Check it out at our App Store link below!

[app 1021213689]

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