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(Bring Back My) SynthMaster Love – A new video from Better Than Epic

There is most likely a considerable crossover between readers of our site here and the Audiobus forum. If you haven't signed up and browsed the forum over there, you really are missing out on some great discussions. And today brings us a collaboration between three Audiobus forum regulars (and one non-member). They have put together a song and video that shows the power of iOS music: being able to work with musicians from literally around the globe (both USA and England).

Without further ado, here is "(Bring Back My) Synthmaster Love" from Better Than Epic:

Musicians Toz Bourne, eustressor, LostBoy85 and Jill Rae have put together this tongue-in-cheek ode to iOS music, name-dropping such classic developers as VirSyn, Holderness Media, Camel Audio (R.I.P), and of course SynthMaster Player from KV331 Audio. Clearly a lot of work went into this track and video, and I'm betting that catchy chorus is still running through your head as you read this.

It's great to see musicians interacting globally to put together tracks like this. And it's always great to see people actually having some fun making music! Hope to see more in the future from this iOS supergroup! Rock on!


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