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GeoShred review – Wizdom Music and MoForte release a new “shred synth”

Wizdom Music, the developers known for Jordan Rudess apps like GeoSynthesizer and Jordantron, have teamed up with MoForte (makers of moForte Guitar), have recently released GeoShred for iPad. This app is like a cross between GeoSynthesizer and moForte Guitar, with many new features and sounds. Check out the excellent tutorial below for more:

While the name of the app implies that this is for shredding (and it certainly can be), don't be fooled into thinking that this is all it can do. The interface certainly encourages fast runs, but this app can also provides some creamy slides and other more worldly sounds. The app ships with 120 presets, and these are fantastic. Just having a run through these presets should put a smile on your face.

The presets are categorized into groups for easier browsing. Standard groups like "Lead Voices", "Harmonic Textures", etc. allow you to quickly find the sound you are looking for. But make sure to take a look under the hood here as well. Each of these presets are made up of a chain of stompboxes, amps and other effects. These can be tweaked in a similar fashion to apps like BIAS FX or ToneStack. Once you've made some modification to the existing preset, the preset name will change in color from green to red. You can then save your custom sounds to the user bank.


GeoShred, like many of the Wizdom Music apps, does have a lot of effects used in their presets. Often heavy on reverb or delay, you might find yourself dialing some of these effects back a bit. Each preset generally offers several other ways to modify the sound, including adding a second harmonic, whammy or wah pedal, or palm mute to name a few. You can also select your root note and scale on some presets.

There is also an X/Y pad that differs per preset. For guitar sounds, you may have controls for feedback, while others may have cutoff frequency and resonance. These can also be edited to your liking. There's an almost unlimited number of ways to set up your performance controls.

I found this track on Soundcloud which I think shows a good range of sounds from GeoShred. Check it out below:

GeoShred is an iPad-only app. and requires iOS 8.4 and up. It's a pretty small app, at around 45 mb. It has Audiobus and Inter-App Audio (IAA) as well.

Despite its name, GeoShred isn't simply a guitar shredding app. It certainly can be that. The interface allows for quick runs, trills, and scorching leads. But there are also some very nice alternate sounds here. Sitar, synths, basses and wild FX can be used. Many presets have arpeggios by default, and these can create some very nice rhythm tracks.

I really see GeoShred as an instrument, rather than just a sound source. It doesn't support MIDI in, which I'm fine with. As a guitarist, I've always been used to having to play the sounds live. With GeoShred, the more you play, the more proficient you'll become. And the bottom line is that GeoShred is fun to play, and it sounds great.

If you're reading this before January 30, 2016, GeoShred is on a launch price sale of $14.99. Check it out in the App Store link below.

[app 1064769019]

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