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Video: Introduction to Gadget by KORG

Hey all!

In this video I review and get you started with Gadget by KORG. This is a great app that I am really enjoying, big thanks to KORG for sending this to me. In the video I show you how to get started making a song from scratch. I talk about all the really great features the app has, only downsides seem to be the lack of audio recording, no effects in the mixer, and that you can't use IAA within the app. all in all it's a really good app that any type of musician can get use out of. Highly recommend picking it up if you haven't already.

In this video the featured outro song is "Living Without You" by Emily Needs

KORG Gadget (AppStore Link) KORG Gadget
Developer: KORG INC.
Rated: 4+5
Price: $54.99 Download

Thank You for Watching!

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