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DrumPerfect Pro has arrived! The new version of DrumPerfect from Marinus J.G. van de Molengraft

For me, one of the great aspects of iOS music apps are the great drum apps available. I've never owned any physical drum machine hardware, and I am a terrible, terrible drummer. So, having access to such incredible drum apps has allowed me to create tracks that I simply would not be able to do otherwise.

One of the best available to date has been DrumPerfect, which was released in February of 2014. DrumPerfect brought the most realistic sounding drums to iOS. And now, DrumPerfect Pro has taken the original app and really raised the bar. Check out the demo video below:

The interface for DrumPerfect Pro has been updated, giving it a bit more of a modern look. In addition to a new look, DrumPerfect Pro adds some IAP kits, ranging from jazz to funk to heavy metal! I haven't purchased the heavy metal kit yet, but I most definitely will be.

The previous version of DrumPerfect offered some of the finest sounding acoustic drums available. For some reason, traditional drum sounds are not as popular in iOS as your typical 808/909 drums, so the availability of kits here is very welcome.


Check out the full list of features in the new DrumPerfect Pro:

Unique virtual drum engine for ultra-realistic performances:
random sample selection,
two-handed-playing emulation,
16 Linked sets ( fills & variations ) to be played at programmable intervals,
multi-sampled instruments with up to 16 samples per instrument,
humanise option adds randomisation of velocity and timing,
programmable time shifts per drum stroke,
programmable number of beats in a pattern (up to 32),
programmable subdivision per beat (up to 16),
smart swing function,
JAM! function,
BPM between 20 and 320,
convolution-based reverb processor.
Grid style editor for easy rhythm programming and editing.
Kit editor for building your own multi-sampled drumkits.
Song editor for easy song building.
32 Velocity-sensitive pads for live-recording.
Rock-solid sync via Inter-App-Audio, Ableton Link or midi-in clock sync.
Audio file and midi file export to other apps.
Audio file and midi file import from other apps.
Full Inter-App-Audio and Audiobus support with individual outputs per instrument (16+1).
Low-latency midi-in handling for notes, control changes and program changes.
Extensive midi-in configuration options per port.
Midi-learn for mapping of notes and remote commands.
A dedicated store with great content.

DrumPerfect Pro now offers Styles Packs. Professional-grade musical content (drum kits, songs and patterns) covering a vast variety of drumming styles, downloadable as In-App Purchases.
Packs available now:
Funky Breakbeat vol.1 ( Classics ),
Funky Breakbeat vol.2 ( Modern ),
Jazz Sessions vol.1 ( Sticks )
Brazilian Rhythms vol.1
Heavy Metal
Batucada vol.1

DrumPerfect Pro has so many great features, like the "humanize" feature, that bring such realism to the app. Tons of options to adjust velocity, probability, and the new Ableton Link. The app is iPad only, but is actually compatible all the way down to iOS 7.

There are a ton of great drum apps now available on iOS. It's easy to wonder if you need another. But DrumPerfect Pro really does offer something unique, a truly realistic-sounding drum app that specializes in acoustic styles. This app is definitely worth the investment. Check it out at the App Store link below!

[app 1032935528]


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