iOS MARS is currently closed. Please read this for more information.

iOS MARS Closed 2013-2016

imageHello everyone, I regret to inform you that iOS MARS is closed for the foreseeable future. All previous information posted on the site is still up for your use but with no one currently running the site, Basically, the lights are on but no one is home. This is to say that there will be no new content any longer. I'm sorry iOS MARS had to stop here but take solace in knowing that there are tons of great websites thriving out there for your use. There are some great options listed in the side panel on the right.

Thank you to all the developers who helped us out over the years with apps for ourselves as well as contests and giveaways. Thank you to our supporters who donated money to keep iOS MARS afloat. Thank you to the users for giving me a reason to do all of this.. And of course a HUGE thanks to Sean Garland for keeping the site going for so long. Thank you Sean! Thank you everyone!

Overall the history of iOS MARS has been a fun time but also a very stressful time. A lot of ups and even more downs for me. If you would like to know more or stay in touch with me you can find me here. I won't be reviewing any apps or doing any tutorials or posting in groups anymore but I am very much still an ios musician and I do love talking about apps and music. I hope to see you around!

If you want to keep in touch with Sean or Martin you can find them on social media. Sean is on twitter here. Martin is on facebook here and Twitter here.

I'm sorry it took me so long to shut the site down properly and announce it in an easier to understand and less abrupt fashion. Now that I have, I hope it makes more sense for everyone. Thank you for 3 great years. 😀


PS: Here are some extra thank yous copied from the about page.. Thank you so much everyone.

Thank You:

  • Big thanks to Sebastian Dittmann and Michael Tyson from Audiobus who have supported me in many ways since Audiobus was released.
  • Thanks to Adil Sherwani for allowing me to work with him on Guitarism and for all his support in various situations.
  • Thanks to Tim Webb from Discchord for sharing my videos and being a great source of advice.
  • Thanks to iOS musician Derek Buddemeyer for being a source of inspiration, a top supporter and developer.

Site Donators or "Saviours" (no particular order)

These are the people who have donated money towards keeping iOS MARS open. Thank you sooo much, each and every one of you! Best community, EVER! 😀

  • Elite Solutions
  • Adrian Moine
  • Tracy Muir
  • Ian Smith
  • Matthew Caldwell
  • Gareth Walters
  • Muhammed Malik
  • Christian Augustin
  • Rainer Rode
  • David Smith
  • Roland Reyer
  • Maria Calfa-De Paul
  • Rene Beland
  • Aaron McPherson
  • Noah Kriebel
  • Ian Stearns
  • Marie-Pierre Mayoux
  • Clif Johnston
  • Brian Sabel
  • Guido Heye
  • Filaretos Panozoglou
  • Cecile Gross
  • Martin Neuhold
  • Guy Beeri
  • James Broestler
  • Steve Raizen
  • Christopher Rice
  • Michael Tyson
  • Nathan Tillett
  • Taylor Holliday
  • Joe Filburn
  • Morris Griffin
  • Kevin McIsaac
  • Adil Sherwani
  • Tim Webb
  • Shawn McClure

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