iOS MARS is currently closed. Please read this for more information.

About us

iOS MARS is currently closed. Please read this for more information


Welcome to iOS MARS
The iOS Musician App Resource Services
Our mission is to provide help to iOS musicians in all aspects of the music creation process from beginers to pros. We've always had problems finding the help we need and it's very frustrating, we made the site to help others to not have to go what we had to go through.

We've tried to design this site to make things as easy for users as possible. We are planning on constantly evolving it as time goes on and problems become more apparent.  The site is optimized for use on iPad as the majority of iOS musicians use their iPads for music creation. We wanted to be able to give a site where users could download, learn, watch videos, and comment all from the same device they make music on. Please note that in some cases downloads will involve a computer as some downloads can only be sent to the app via itunes sharing.

More about Ryan Hemeon:
I am primarily a guitar player. I started playing guitar about 25 years ago. Progressing from there I learned to play more stringed instruments such as Bass and Mandolin. I've always been interested in Rock, metal, punk, alternative and classical music more then other genres. In the late 90's I developed a serious crush on Nine Inch Nails and began to delve into using a computer to make music. I soon realized that using a computer wasn't just for electronic music and began buying and experimenting with all kinds of products and musical styles. In early 2012 I got my first iPhone and soon after bought my first iPad and discovering what a great music making device they could be I have been obsessed ever since. All the quality, amazing interfaces, and only at a small fraction of the price you'd pay on PC.
Attitude wise, I am a very nice person and offer the most respect for everyone but I don't take crap off people either. I am very blunt, if you are doing something that pisses me off or something I do not like, I will always tell you. If you are the kind of person who needs sunshine blown up their ass 24/7, chances are good that we will not get along because of that. I take pride in being honest all the time and not covering or hiding my actions, if you would like to know anything, just ask!
I am no expert on computer music creation. I do know a lot but there is A LOT I have yet to learn. I enjoy teaching others to do the things I have learned and that is what inspired me to start making videos and eventually create this site.

Ryan's Video Production:
All my videos are filmed on iPhone and Edited on iPad, 100% iOS. I use a microphone stand to hold my iPhone, wedged between two pieces of styrofoam, to be able to obtain the proper angles. Sometimes I use an Apogee Jam or iRig to 'line in' the audio, other times I use the video plugin in Meteor MultiTrack Recorder. Using the Camera Connection Kit(CCK) I send the video from iPhone to iPad and use Pinnacle Studio by Corel to do all of my final edits. In some cases videos were edited for effects in other apps such as iSupr8 and CinemaFXV. In a few videos I used a Samsung digital camera to obtain the 2nd angle, sent to iPad using the CCK.

Pinnacle Studio Pro (AppStore Link) Pinnacle Studio Pro
Developer: Corel Inc.
Rated: 4+2
Price: $17.99 Download

Thank You:

  • Big thanks to Sebastian Dittmann and Michael Tyson from Audiobus who have supported me in many ways since Audiobus was released.
  • Thanks to Adil Sherwani for allowing me to work with him on Guitarism and for all his support in various situations.
  • Thanks to Tim Webb from Discchord for sharing my videos and being a great source of advice.
  • Thanks to iOS musician Derek Buddemeyer for being a source of inspiration, a top supporter and developer.

Site Donators or "Saviours" (no particular order)

These are the people who have donated money towards keeping iOS MARS open. Thank you sooo much, each and every one of you! Best community, EVER! 😀

  • Elite Solutions
  • Morris Griffin
  • Adrian Moine
  • Tracy Muir
  • Ian Smith
  • Matthew Caldwell
  • Gareth Walters
  • Muhammed Malik
  • Christian Augustin
  • Rainer Rode
  • David Smith
  • Roland Reyer
  • Maria Calfa-De Paul
  • Rene Beland
  • Aaron McPherson
  • Noah Kriebel
  • Ian Stearns
  • Marie-Pierre Mayoux
  • Clif Johnston
  • Brian Sabel
  • Guido Heye
  • Filaretos Panozoglou
  • Cecile Gross
  • Martin Neuhold
  • Guy Beeri
  • James Broestler
  • Steve Raizen
  • Christopher Rice
  • Michael Tyson
  • Nathan Tillett
  • Taylor Holliday
  • Joe Filburn
  • Morris Griffin
  • Kevin McIsaac
  • Adil Sherwani
  • Tim Webb
  • Shawn McClure

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact me via email