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Dream Album #1: The Supersonic Tartan Dream Album

stdm album

This is the start of a new series. Well-known iOS Musicians compile an album of their favourite iOS music. First in a -hopefully- long row of “Dream Albums” is Jeff McCarthy AKA Supersonic Tartan Death Machine. Jeff has just released two solo albums and one as a member of Dun Aenghus (together with Guy Beeri Mauseth Rock On →

Mobile music making workshop for professionals in Berlin


A 4-day workshop on music making with mobile apps including experimentation, composition, production and performance will take place as part of the “Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2014” from August 4th until August 7th. The workshop is conceived as a composition and sound workshop in the form of an experimental laboratory; a creative space Rock On →

iOS Musicians favourite iOS Music


My intention when volunteering for writing here was to present some of the brilliant music iOS artists publish. To get things going (after being on holiday) I asked the musicians at the iPad Musician facebook group, which tracks impressed them the most. Here are some of the answers: The most mentioned tracks was “Zombie Orkestra” by Rock On →

Track tuesday playlist (05/13/2014)


Over at the iPad Musician facebook group, Emily Needs (check their great album out here: asked the members to post the track they’re most proud of.  Matthew Caldwell compiled all submitted tracks into a soundcloud playlist. This playlist shows how much talent can be found in the iOS music scene. Listen to it, you’ll discover Rock On →

10 theses on the future of the music business


A few weeks ago, we had a discussion in the iPad Musician facebook group about the chances to “make it” as a musician. Thoughts about that subject kept spinning in my head. To stop them spinning I wrote them down. This is my opinion, and I’d be very interested in YOUR opinion. I see my Rock On →

iOS Music gets some airplay in Norway


Guy Beeri Mauseth, iOS musician and Bass player, well known for his membership in Rude Duke, Dun Aenghus, Whatever The Majority Decides and various other projects and participations, will  make an appearance today at “The Monday Live Radio Broadcast” at the Narvik Studentradio channel. Topic for todays braodcasting is music by Supersonic Tartan Death Machine, Dun Rock On →

Let me introduce myself…


Hi everyone…:) So, I’m new here. And though some of you have seen me before, on the iPad Musician group or on the page or in the apptronica magazine, I thought some words to introduce myself and about my plans and vision would be helpful. I’m 42 years old, live in Germany (forgive me Rock On →