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iOS MARS Closed 2013-2016


Hello everyone, I regret to inform you that iOS MARS is closed for the foreseeable future. All previous information posted on the site is still up for your use but with no one currently running the site, Basically, the lights are on but no one is home. This is to say that there will be Rock On →

Video: Introduction to Gadget by KORG


Hey all! In this video I review and get you started with Gadget by KORG. This is a great app that I am really enjoying, big thanks to KORG for sending this to me. In the video I show you how to get started making a song from scratch. I talk about all the really Rock On →

Video: GeoShred Improv Jam


Hey all! In this video I jam out on GeoShred. I use it to play lead “guitar” over top of a simple song I made with iGrand and Magellan. I recorded the results in audioshare and mixed it over top of the video for a higher quality of sound. I used the default shred lead Rock On →

Video: Introduction to GeoShred


In this video I give a quick look into GeoShred by Wizdom Music. GeoShred is a lot like GeoSynth but with a better sound system and some new techniques. I really like this app and I look forward to using it a lot in the future. In this video the featured outro song is “Crush” Rock On →

Magic Ears Mastering – Your first song is free!


Hey everyone, Today I just wanted to remind you about Magic Ears Mastering by Adam Matza. If you haven’t heard about it, Magic Ears Mastering is an audio mixing and mastering service. And get this…. They are currently offering mastering of your first song (under 5 mins) FREE! So, basically, no matter how good you Rock On →

BIAS FX Studio Rack Pack


Hello all, Today I wanted to take a little time to talk about the Studio Rack Pack available as an in-app-purchase within BIAS FX from Positive Grid. Originally I had planned on making a video to show off these addon effects but it occurred to me that there really isn’t a proper way for me Rock On →

Positive Grid Extends BT4 Bluetooth Pedal Pre-Order


Positive Grid (, creator of the best selling BIAS Amp and BIAS FX guitar amp and effect processors, today announced the pre-order extension of the upcoming BT4 Bluetooth MIDI Controller. After reaching initial goal for early birds pre-order in the first two hours, two more pre-order options have been added to the public: $109 for Rock On →

Video Review: BIAS FX by Positive Grid


Here is a quick video review and a bit of a tutorial of the new BIAS FX by Positive grid. In this video I talk about what I like about the app and show you how to do some stuff with it. I didn`t actually demo the sound at all this time, just talking but Rock On →

Video: Album Review – Big Phoney by jjj w/ The Works + Remix Contest


There has been a lot of great music to come out of the iOS community but this is the first time it’s moved into AMAZING! I mean outside of already signed musicians using iPads like Jordan Rudess and nothing against any music already released. In my opinion this is a cut above the rest. As Rock On →

Life on Mars – RIP Doctor Zaius


Hello everyone, As many of you may remember, roughly one year ago iOS MARS was in distress and I reached out to the community to help us keep the doors open. Although the campaign failed to keep the site going like it once was the generous donations kept me alive and the lights on here Rock On →