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Video Production iOS vs PC


Hey all, Since the beginning of iOS MARS all my videos have been made 100% on ios. Shot on iPhone, edited on iPad. This includes the intros and outros as well as the sound effects and theme. Recently I have been trying to make better videos, spending more time editing, adding high quality audio, featured Rock On →

New Poll: What is your favorite Guitar Sim app?


Hey all, It’s been a long time since we updated our poll… but here is a new one! You don’t need to log in to vote just vote for your fav! You can only vote once per computer. If you want to check the results quickly the poll appears in the Sidebar of every page Rock On →

Video: Jam Maestro Midi and IAA tutorial

Jam Maestro - thumb tamp2

In this video I show how to use Jam Maestro as a MIDI controller and how to use IAA. It’s pretty cool as you are able to sturm, solo, sequence or even play two apps at once. I used Tera Synth and Animoog to show the midi and DM-1 for the IAA. For some reason Rock On →

Video: Tera Synth High Quality Audio Demo


In this video I demo the new modular analog synthesizer by VirSyn “Tera Synth”. I go through a bunch of the different Factory Presets and goof around using the onscreen keyboard. I use audioshare to capture the high quality audio. I think this is the longest video I have ever uplaoded at about 30 minutes, Rock On →

Video: Jam Maestro Internal Instrument Audio Demo

Jam Maestro - thumb tamp

In this video I give a nice high quality audio demo of all the internal instruments in Jam Maestro. Really impressive how much work has gone into this app. In my intro video a didn’t do a very good job of capturing the internal audio. This video is to make up for it. In this Rock On →

Video: Intro to Jam Maestro


In this video I introduce you to Jam Maestro with a very basic walkthrough and demo. I hope to get more into this app at a later time but if you want to see the basic features and functionality then this is the video for you. I like this app, it looks really nice and Rock On →

50% off JamUp IAP’s and a vid from Ola Englund


Hey All, Thought I’d pop on and let everyone know that all Expansion Packs for JamUp by Positive Grid are on sale for 50% off! Wow! Wish I’d got in on this but I already have them all! So if you need a few of them… now is the perfect time! I also wanted to Rock On →

Video: ToneStack Factory Preset Sound Demo


In this video I go through a bunch of the factory presets of ToneStack by Yonac. I used AudioShare to capture the high quality audio. I really like this app, I can’t wait to get the Mother Load IAP. Going to be using it a lot. Thank You for Watching!

Video: Caramel High Quality Audio Demo


Here is a quick sound demo of “Caramel” a new effects app by Holderness Media. I use DM-1 drum machine as well as a dry metal guitar riff in bm2 to test this out. You can really get some neat sounds out of this app, I really like what it does to drums. Thank you Rock On →

The Works – Bones Live


Hey All, Here is an amazing live video made on iPad! This video comes from “The Works” and is just a beautiful piece of art across the board. Just so you know, this is infact live and was not added afterwards. The app impaktor was used to turn the skull taps into music. Fantastic job Rock On →