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JamUp Pro acoustic pack sound demo


In this video I do a quick demo of some of the new effects and amps in Positive Grid’s Jamup Pro. I use guitarism and audiobus to record the results in Audioshare for a higher quality sound. I cover the Acoustic Imaging Amp, the Acoustic EQ pedal, The Acoustic Reverb Pedal, and the Vintage Delay Rock On →

The “Only” Remix Contest


Welcome to The “Only” Remix Contest What is this contest about? The guys over at Positive Grid have been nice enough to sponsor this contest by giving their amazing mastering app “Final Touch” away to the winner! The best remix of “Only” by Nine Inch Nails wins “Final Touch” as well as having their remix Rock On →

Video: Intro to Oscilab


In this video I give a quick tutorial on how to get started with Oscilab. I go over a lot of the main features and show you how to get started. Promo Code Give Away: Want Oscilab for free? Hell yeah you do. The guys at 2beats have given us a code to give away Rock On →

Team Expanding


Hey all, As many of you may of noticed this site had almost died. To fix this I’ve recruited a few great team members! Please welcome Sean Garland and Martin Neuhold to iOS MARS! I trust both of these guys completely and have given them all the power I had to give, lol. Sean will Rock On →

Guitarism: Rockstar Collection IAP High quality sound demo


This is a demo of some of the sounds available with the Rockstar collection IAP that is now available in Guitarism. In this video I show off the 12 string acoustic, the 12 string electric with Delay, Clean tone Electric, and Electric with heavy distortion. There are many many more sounds and effects available but Rock On →

Guitarism – How to use the looper


In this quick tutorial I show how to use the looper function in Guitarism. Unlike other loopers there is no start and stop functions. An awesome way to audition effects and even useful in a song or live performance.

Stompbox Competition


Hey all, I don’t know how many of you already know about this competition but there doesn’t seem to be many entries yet. Well if you haven’t then you have till december 6th to enter! Here are the details! View the original post here Rock out with Stompbox and WIN Prizes The rules of the Rock On →

Intro to BIAS


I am back on the scene with a super quick and basic demo of BIAS by Positive Grid. Big thanks to Calvin at PG for sending me the promocode. I will do my best to get back with some more advanced techniques in the future. I really like this app so it should be no Rock On →

I am back! (sort of)


Hey everyone, Well, I am not going to lie, It’s been a very tough few months but things are finally starting to get a bit better. I get a full paycheque next week that should solve the remainder of my problems, I hope! I also managed to pay my next door neighbor to use their Rock On →

Campaign Unsuccessful – The Aftermath


Hey all, First off I’d like to say sorry to everyone for being offline for a week or so… I had my internet shut off on the 25th and I had to come to Starbucks today to use the wifi so I could fix some things up on the site and make this post. I Rock On →