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Voco gets an update – Audiobus, Audiocopy and Universal


Recently I wrote about an update to Strange Attractor from Jonathan Mackenzie. That update brought Audiobus compatibility, AudioCopy and Universal functionality. Thankfully, Jonathan has just updated Voco, another one of his apps. The updates are similar to the Strange Attractor updates, and may make Voco a viable option for your workflow. Voco is described as Rock On →

The Big iOS Music App List page has been updated!


Just a quick update to let everyone know that the Big iOS Music App List has been updated. You should be able to find all the iOS synths, drum machines, effects, and sequencers apps that you could ever want linked on these pages. But, if there is an app that you do not find there, Rock On →

Modal Pro review- New modular synthesizer from dango Inc.


If you’re like me, the world of modular synthesis is a strange, mysterious world. Admittedly, as a guitarist, I know more about UFO’s than LFO’s. If someone mentions “sine”, I immediately think about high school trigonometry classes. Since coming to the world of iOS music apps, I’ve amassed a considerable number of virtual synths. And Rock On →

Sequence by Incident – Fun little free app


Recently Incident Technologies released a free iPhone app called Sequence by Incident. It’s a simple sequencer, allowing you to use up to 5 instruments at one time. Within those lanes, you can create 4 separate patterns, so there is some room for creativity. The app comes with 15 instruments, which center mostly around percussion (drums, Rock On →

BIG updates coming – Cubasis, ThumbJam and DrumJam


Next week looks to be a BIG week of app updates for iOS musicians. Cubasis has submitted version 1.8 to Apple, which will bring the long-awaited automation to this great DAW. If all goes well, the developer Steinberg states that the update should go live on March 21st. And if that wasn’t enough, both ThumbJam and Rock On →

DrumPerfect – Updated to version 1.03


DrumPerfect (iPad only), the wonderful drum app from Marinus van de Molengraft, recently was updated to version 1.03. What’s New in Version 1.03 Added Inter-App-Audio-based sync of song pointer and tempo. Improved Midi clock sync. Added swipe-left-delete for pattern/kit/sample/song list. Separate track rendering to Dropbox now saves individual track files. Removed lag in stroke editing Rock On →

Strange Attractor gets an update – Audiobus, AudioCopy and Universal


Strange Attractor was originally released in 2012, and received some buzz due to the “novel” nature of its sound. But unfortunately, the app was limited by lack of input options. So, as with many promising apps (I’m looking at you, Borderlands Granular), this app seemed like a “not quite yet” app. Thankfully, a recent update Rock On →

dot Melody – New app from the makers of Chordion


Olympia Noise Co., the developers responsible for the great app Chordion, have recently released their latest creation called dot Melody. dot Melody is (currently) an iPhone app, with a very reasonable purchase price. Let me get this out of the way, it is well worth it. The app consists of three instruments – “lead”, “bass”, Rock On →

New IOS musicians forum

Photo May 09, 1 26 09 PM

A new iOS forum has recently been created by a couple of iOS musicians, looking to fill a void in the existing landscape. The iOS Musicians Resource Forum was created by Jeff Pester and Conor Teahan, as a place for iOS musicians to share advice, documentation and tutorials, and otherwise just chat. If you are a Rock On →

birdStepper – A great new effects app from birdSound


birdSound music has recently released a great new effects app called birdStepper. The app features 8 different effects, which can be tweaked to create some subtle delay or chorus, all the way to some insane wobble or pitch shifting madness. The effects can be applied by using a time-synced automation, by drawing curves based on the Rock On →