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A reminder to back up your Alchemy Mobile presets before July 7th!


I want to remind everyone that you will no longer be able to download your Alchemy Mobile presets after July 7th, due to the recent demise of Camel Audio. This includes both the desktop and Mobile versions, so I’ve included the links for both. Here is the press release they have sent on this issue: Rock On →

Camel Audio releases Steamworx sound library for Alchemy Mobile!


Camel Audio has just released their popular Steamworx sound library for their Alchemy Mobile app. From the Camel Audio site: Adapted and optimised for Alchemy Mobile, this 50-preset cinematic netherworld features keyboard instruments made from clocks, drum kits built with steam-powered machines, fog-shrouded soundscapes and gothic choirs. With intricate contraptions, grunge-laden grooves, multi-layered arpeggios and hand-crafted Rock On →

Alchemy Mobile gets a big update!


Alchemy Mobile, the iOS version of the Alchemy synthesizer on PC, just got updated to Version 2.3. While there were some nice “minor” updates, such as implementing the Audiobus 2 state-saving feature and the ability to edit your recordings, the highlight here is the ability to create your own presets. This makes Alchemy Mobile almost feel Rock On →

How to Record Audio into NanoStudio using Audiobus


Figuring out how to record audio into NanoStudio using Audiobus isn’t as obvious as it is with other apps. This is a quick tutorial showing how to record into the NanoStudio TRG. I used Alchemy as my input app. I hope this was helpful. 😀