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Cubasis voted the users favourite DAW


The poll results are in… Cubasis is the favourite DAW of iOS users. It was a landslide with Auria at a distant 2nd place and Beatmaker2 in 3rd. Here are the results! Take place in the new vote now!

BeatMaker2: How to split a sample to the drum pads, the easy way!


In this video I show the easy way to split up a long sample or full song and assign all the clips to the drum pads. This is really easy way to do this compared to my old method of using the timeline and exporting a bunch of waves and then adding them manually. Pretty Rock On →

Studio Pop Drumkit for BeatMaker2 by Derek Buddemeyer


iOS Musician Derek Buddemeyer has put together this excellent Studio Pop Drum set for use with the BeatMaker2 keyboard sampler. I really love this drum kit, Derek did an outstanding job. I use this kit all the time. Big thanks to Derek for putting this together and allowing me to host it here. I hope Rock On →

Guitarism: The Arp Test


This video was taken about a month ago durring beta testing for the Guitarisms 3P IAP. I always film my beta testing sessions to help display exactly what I find to the Developer. In this video I was testing to see how well an Arp would work with Guitarism. I control Magellan as the Arp, Rock On →

Yamaha Pacifica virtual guitar addon for BeatMaker2

YP - BM2

Intro: Welcome to the Yamaha Pacifica virtual electric guitar addon for Beat Maker 2. I designed this addon for anyone who wants to add a realistic electric guitar to their project, have complete control over techniques, Amps and effects but not have the skill/time/availability to play a real guitar. The audio was not recorded by Rock On →

Using iFretless Guitar as a MIDI controller for BM2


A tutorial on how to control BM2 keyboard sampler using iFretless guitar running it through Ampkit using audiobus.

Using the BeatMaker2 midi editor to sync up apps in Audiobus


In this video I show you how to use the BeatMaker2 midi editor to create songs, send them to “auto play” your favourite apps and record the results back into BeatMaker2 with the magic of Audiobus. You can use any app that supports virtual midi but in this video I use Animoog and DrumJam.