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Jam Maestro

Jam Maestro gets a big update in Version 3.2!


Jam Maestro by developer David Blake is an app that we’ve featured here quite a bit on iOS MARS. Both Ryan and myself are primarily guitarists, and this app is brilliant. I’m a self-taught guitarist who primarily learned how to play by reading as many Guitar World and GFTPM tab magazines as I could get Rock On →

Jam Maestro gets a big update!


Jam Maestro, one of my favorite guitar apps, just keeps getting better. Today brings us an update to Version 3.1, which brings these great new features: – Export tabs to PDF/TXT file! – Export to midi file. – Import any midi file as guitar tab. – New strum speed panel, ability to precisely set the Rock On →

Video: Jam Maestro Midi and IAA tutorial

Jam Maestro - thumb tamp2

In this video I show how to use Jam Maestro as a MIDI controller and how to use IAA. It’s pretty cool as you are able to sturm, solo, sequence or even play two apps at once. I used Tera Synth and Animoog to show the midi and DM-1 for the IAA. For some reason Rock On →

Video: Jam Maestro Internal Instrument Audio Demo

Jam Maestro - thumb tamp

In this video I give a nice high quality audio demo of all the internal instruments in Jam Maestro. Really impressive how much work has gone into this app. In my intro video a didn’t do a very good job of capturing the internal audio. This video is to make up for it. In this Rock On →

Video: Intro to Jam Maestro


In this video I introduce you to Jam Maestro with a very basic walkthrough and demo. I hope to get more into this app at a later time but if you want to see the basic features and functionality then this is the video for you. I like this app, it looks really nice and Rock On →

Official: Jam Maestro – Advanced Tab Tips


This is an official tutorial video for Jam Maestro. “Advanced Tab Tips”

Official: Jam Maestro – Guitar Tutorial


This is an official tutorial video of Jam Maestro. “Guitar Tutorial”

Official: Jam Maestro – Tab Playback


This is an official demo video for Jam Maestro. “Tab playback example”

Official: Jam Maestro – How to make a metal song in 5 minutes


This is an official demo for Jam Maestro. “how to make a metal song in 5 minutes”