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Meteor Multitrack Recorder

Announcing the Meteor contest winners!


Well it has been a great contest and the winners are in! With a total of 8 entries (3 rock, 5 dance) it was a close contest to say the least. All the entries were really good and some great music got made here. But… alas… Winners have to be chosen! Again, first place receives Rock On →

The Meteor MultiTrack Recorder Promo Code Give-Away Contests


Thank you for checking out the contests. If you would like to enter, first step is to pick your contest, either 90’s Rock/Metal or 80’s Dance/Pop, then read on for rules and more info. The winners will receive a free copy of Meteor Multitrack Recorder and be featured on iOS MARS in the music section. Rock On →

Intro to Meteor Multitrack Recorder: Slayer – South of Heaven


In this video demo and tutorial I show some of the great new functions of Meteor Multitrack Recorder by playing and recording a cover of “South of Heaven” by Slayer. I show how Meteor is a real multitrack recorder now by recording 3 tracks simultaneously as well as covering how to set up virtual midi Rock On →

Meteor Multitrack Recorder: The Video plugin


In this demo and tutorial I show how to use the video plugin in Meteor Multitrack Recorder to add music to your videos. The perfect option for anyone who wants to add music to their videos using Audiobus compatible apps without the use of a computer. In this video I play iGrand over top of Rock On →