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Ondes gets a huge update in Version 1.1!


I had previously reviewed Ondes back when it was released in September. I loved the app back then, as I’m a big fan of this type of app. Apparently Ben Kamen (Olympia Noise Co.) wasn’t finished bringing the awesome, and he has just released Version 1.1. I don’t recall seeing such a huge update from Rock On →

Ondes review – Olympia Noise Co.’s new app


Ondes is the new app from Olympia Noise Co., makers of Chordion and dot Melody. Described as an “expressive electronic instrument”, Ondes is an instant joy to play. As pointed out on the Olympia Noise Co. Facebook page, Ondes is French for “waves”, and rhymes with “owned”. It is meant to emulate, but not necessarily mimic, Rock On →

Coming soon: Ondes, from Olympia Noise Co.


Olympia Noise Co., the developers of Chordion and dot Melody, have just shared some details about their next app, called Ondes. Ben Kamen, the developer, has described it as an “expressive electronic instrument”, which may sound a bit vague, but check out the sneak peek video below for more: As you can see, it shares Rock On →