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Oscilab gets another great update – MIDI Note and CC out and now Universal!


I’ve written several times now about Oscilab, the sequencer/synth/drum machine/”all-in-one” app from developers 2Beat (check here for the review, here for some user sounds, and here for Ryan’s video demo). Well, today we got a bit of a surprise with a big new update. Not only is the app now Universal (previously only iPad), but Oscilab Rock On →

Oscilab gets an update – MIDI clock sync!


I’ve written about Oscilab quite a bit here on iOS MARS. I wrote a review back in May when it was first released. Ryan also created an excellent video demo of the app, showing off some of the great features. In June, I highlighted some great tracks created by some musicians from the iPad Musicians Rock On →

Oscilab tracks – New tunes from iOS musicians (and a sneak peak at what’s to come…)


Oscilab was recently released into the world, and has been a big hit so far with iOS musicians. The app from 2beat jumped into the Top 5 paid music apps upon its release, and we are starting to hear some great new tracks being created with it. When Oscilab debuted their promo video, many prospective Rock On →

Video: Intro to Oscilab


In this video I give a quick tutorial on how to get started with Oscilab. I go over a lot of the main features and show you how to get started. Promo Code Give Away: Want Oscilab for free? Hell yeah you do. The guys at 2beats have given us a code to give away Rock On →

Oscilab review – A new sequencer/groovebox from 2beat


There have been some great all-in-one sequencers to hit the App Store in recent months. Cotracks, Caustic and KORG Gadget instantly come to mind. These apps provide you with the tools to create an entire track (or album) all within one app. While there are some obvious differences with regards to depth, usability, and sounds, Rock On →