iOS MARS is currently closed. Please read this for more information.


iOS MARS Closed 2013-2016


Hello everyone, I regret to inform you that iOS MARS is closed for the foreseeable future. All previous information posted on the site is still up for your use but with no one currently running the site, Basically, the lights are on but no one is home. This is to say that there will be Rock On →

Positive Grid Extends BT4 Bluetooth Pedal Pre-Order


Positive Grid (, creator of the best selling BIAS Amp and BIAS FX guitar amp and effect processors, today announced the pre-order extension of the upcoming BT4 Bluetooth MIDI Controller. After reaching initial goal for early birds pre-order in the first two hours, two more pre-order options have been added to the public: $109 for Rock On →

New Video from JamStik: Treasure – Bruno Mars


Christopher Heille and friends redo “Treasure” by Bruno Mars in this new JamStik demo. “A couple of friends re-build “Treasure” armed with a JamStik, a MIDI drum pad and ddrum kick trigger, 2 iPads, a handful of apps, and a microphone. Apple’s GarageBand is the handling the bulk of the recording, and we’re using GarageBand’s Rock On →

C.24 A keyboard and case for iPad – coming soon

The C.24 iPad KB & Case

I woke up today to an email from a rep at a company called Miselu. They have created a new music keyboard with a bit of a twist to what we are used to, this Keyboard is also an iPad case and folds down to a thickness about the size of an iPad. This looks Rock On →

JamStik – Made in the USA


The guys at JamStik have made an announcement today that JamStik will be made in the USA. I live in Canada so there isn’t any bias when i say I think this is a great idea. They can take a hands on approach to production. Here is their video explaining it! The announcement of initial Rock On →

Intro to Meteor Multitrack Recorder: Slayer – South of Heaven


In this video demo and tutorial I show some of the great new functions of Meteor Multitrack Recorder by playing and recording a cover of “South of Heaven” by Slayer. I show how Meteor is a real multitrack recorder now by recording 3 tracks simultaneously as well as covering how to set up virtual midi Rock On →

Jamstik Demo: Daft Punk – Get Lucky


Hello Everyone, Had my mind blown with this amazing demo for Jamstik. Armed with only a JamStik, an iPad, a handful of apps, and a microphone – you can create some amazing music. Check out for more info, or goto before July 9 to preorder via Indiegogo. In “Get Lucky” they use:

N-Track Studio Multitrack Recorder for iOS demo


In this video I demo N-Track Studio by recording some Guitar through an Apogee Jam into Ampkit using Audiobus. The song i play is the intro to Porcelina by The Smashing Pumpkins. For less then $8 bucks total after IAP and it being a universal app, I’d consider this app one hell of a great Rock On →

Cubasis Demo: Recording Audio using Audiobus


A quick demo of recording Audio into Cubasis using Audiobus. In this video i have downloaded the master tracks to a Nine Inch Nails song (Wish from the Broken Album) and opened them in Cubasis.. I remove the guitar from the song and record my own using the Apogee Jam, Ampkit and Audiobus. After recording Rock On →

Recording Auria into Auria using Audiobus


Here is a quick tutorial on Using Audiobus to record Auria into Auria with Ampkit as an effect. I also touch on creating a loop, using snap functions, and recording guitar through an Apogee Jam Digital Audio interface. In a future tutorial I plan on showing how to do some live effects mixing from Auria Rock On →