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iOS Music

Rude Duke – Lonely Fire


Rude Duke is: Evangelos Koudonas, Greece: Guitars, vocals and various virtual instruments such as synth, drums, piano. Guy Mauseth (Duke21), Norway: Bass and various virtual instruments such as synth, drums etc. All virtual instruments are played on iPad/ iPhone using the following apps: Jamup XT Pro (amp and effect processor for guitar and bass) GarageBand, Rock On →

Ryan Hemeon – Solitude


Here is a quick cover of Solitude by Black Sabbath. From figuring out how to play it to recorded in less then an hour. One of my favourite bass lines of all time. Guitar – AmpKit+ Taos clean, phase72 Bass – AmpKit+ Ashdown Drums – BM2 Derek Buddemeyer studio pop kit flute – BM2 Sustain Rock On →

Derek Buddemeyer – Spring Fling


Here is the latest rocking video from Derek Buddemeyer featuring music recorded and produced on iPad. Derek used JamUp for the guitars, Alchemy mobile and Nanostudio for the synth and Beatmaker2 for the drumline. He did the mastering and mixing in Auria A sneak peak at a track that will be featured on my upcoming Rock On →

Guitarism and iGrand Demo: Pink Floyd – Nobody Home


Here is a demo of Guitarism controlling iGrand via virtual midi. In this demo I play and sing “Nobody Home” by Pink Floyd. This is pretty much the greatest thing ever for any guitarist who wants to play piano without taking the time to learn it. 😀