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Using the BeatMaker2 midi editor to sync up apps in Audiobus


In this video I show you how to use the BeatMaker2 midi editor to create songs, send them to “auto play” your favourite apps and record the results back into BeatMaker2 with the magic of Audiobus. You can use any app that supports virtual midi but in this video I use Animoog and DrumJam.

Turning Guitarism from an acoustic to an electric using Ampkit and Audiobus


A quick tutorial on turning Guitarism into an Electric using Ampkit and Audiobus.

Using PolyChord to control multiple apps with virtual MIDI and Audiobus


In this tutorial I show how to use PolyChord to control Multiple apps using virtual MIDI and audiobus. I control DrumJam, BeatMaker2, and iPolySix all at once with a simple interface.

Recording Guitarism into GarageBand using Audiobus


A quick tutorial on how to record things into GarageBand for iOS using Audiobus. I used Guitarism as my input app and Ampkit as the effect Hope you enjoy! -Ryan

How to use apps that don’t support Audiobus with AB using two devices


Here is the first tutorial video i ever made. Using apps that don’t support audiobus with audiobus now using two devices and an audio interface. Hope that helps