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Developer Services


Hello and thank you for visiting the developer services page, where you will find different services iOS MARS has to offer you. The following services are only available to iOS Music app and hardware developers. All prices listed are merely a guidline, I am always willing to work around someones budget. Payments can be made using paypal, direct deposit, or cheque. I am willing to entertain other payment methods such as trade in certain cases. All pricing is for the finished product, rejected designs will have no charge.


Website Advertisements
Website advertisements appear at the bottom of every single page of iOS MARS. They are made using a link and graphic (500x80) of your choosing. If you need it, I can create the graphic for you at a minimal cost (see graphic design).

Web Ads: $40/month

Beta Testing

As a beta tester I am extremely vigilant. I own a lot of iOS music apps and have plenty of experience with testing. If your app has a bug, I will find it. I will give you full written and video reports on your apps performance and be honest with you on the results.

Beta Testing: $60/month


With a long background in 2D and 3D design I can bring life to your otherwise dull or old product, or help you create something new and exciting. I currently work in design for a living and have much experience with video game development and design, which I have brought with me into the iOS world. Because of my experience there are many areas I can offer services in.

1)App Design
Are you creating a new app and want it to really "pop"? Have an existing app that could benefit from a facelift? I can help you get the look you want. I can create 2D graphics for you or even fully functional 3D models and animations. I would always prefer to do app design on a time based profit sharing basis. I feel comfortable with that because I won't make anything if you don't make anything... but of course I am willing to do a one time payment as well. The pricing in that case would depend on the amount of work. Please contact me for more info on this.


Intro Final iPad skin final Acoustic Skin Final

2) Website Design
Website design is pretty self-explanitory. You need a new or better website? I can help. I will make sure your website looks really good on all devices. I think it's very important that an iOS based product website works well on iOS. Pricing on website design will be based on the amount of work and time it will take to complete that work. Please contact me for a free estimate.

Examples: iOS MARS, Robotic Zombie Wizard, Jared Borland

3) General Graphics
Need some quick general graphics? No problem. Icons, logos, banners, advertisements, etc.. Anything you need in any style, I can help you out. I will work with you to make sure the finished graphic is exactly what you wanted.

Graphic Design: $50/graphic


image Logo final Unused Ad

4) Concept Design
This part is mostly for the hardware developers. Do you have a great new product idea and want to see what it will look like when it's completed? I can help you. Using 3D design I will take your idea and turn it into a 3D object that you can view from all angles and in various environments. This makes for an excellent way to show your product off, allowing your users and potential investors to see your product as it will look when it's completed.
Concept Design: $100-150/object


image image image


If you would like to take advantage of one of the services please contact me via email. Questions and Concerns are always welcome.

Thank You,
Ryan Hemeon