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Echo Pad : Main Tutorial


This is an official video from Holderness Media. Walk through tutorial covering all main functions of the Echo Pad app for iOS. More info: Holderness Media

JamUp 8-Track copy/paste


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to paste audio from other apps into JamUp’s 8-track Recorder. Works for drums, bass, piano, synth….most anything that supports ACP. This video was donated by Derek Buddemeyer

Guitarism Demo from Derek Buddemeyer


Here’s a short demo of a great sounding, great playing guitar app…Guitarism. Nice feel and super responsive to the touch. I’m running Audiobus with Guitarism as the input while filtering through JamUp and recording in Cubasis This video was donated by Derek Buddemeyer

Recording JamUp into GarageBand using Audiobus


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to record JamUp with Garageband Mobile using Audiobus. (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) All music was recorded directly into the app on iPad 3 using the Apogee Jam audio interfac This video was donated by Derek Buddemeyer

Guitarism: Desire


This is an official demo for Guitarism by Rhism U2’s Desire as played on guitarism: the first touch guitar app built for live performance

JamUp Pro XT demo


Down Boys Records artist, Derek Buddemeyer, demonstrates the phrase sampler in JamUp Pro XT for iPhone and iPad with his signature “Rock Addict” presets This video was donated by Derek Buddemeyer

iFretless Guitar Sound Pack 1 demo


Here is an official demo by Blue Mangoo iFretless Guitar for iPhone and iPad comes with several free sounds. An additional set of five sounds is available as an in-app-purchase. This video demonstrates those five sounds. Contact the developers on Facebook: This video was posted at the request of Blue Mangoo

Guitarism for iPad: Introduction to Secondary Chords


Explaining how to use the secondary chord technique in Guitarism for iPad.

Using iFretless Guitar as a MIDI controller for BM2


A tutorial on how to control BM2 keyboard sampler using iFretless guitar running it through Ampkit using audiobus.

Using the BeatMaker2 midi editor to sync up apps in Audiobus


In this video I show you how to use the BeatMaker2 midi editor to create songs, send them to “auto play” your favourite apps and record the results back into BeatMaker2 with the magic of Audiobus. You can use any app that supports virtual midi but in this video I use Animoog and DrumJam.