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Ryan Hemeon – Wah King Down (The Street)


I’ve never made a song like this before.. Made using PolyChord, Guitarism, iFretless Guitar, Ampkit, BM2 and Audiobus

Ryan Hemeon – Solitude


Here is a quick cover of Solitude by Black Sabbath. From figuring out how to play it to recorded in less then an hour. One of my favourite bass lines of all time. Guitar – AmpKit+ Taos clean, phase72 Bass – AmpKit+ Ashdown Drums – BM2 Derek Buddemeyer studio pop kit flute – BM2 Sustain Rock On →

Intro to Meteor Multitrack Recorder: Slayer – South of Heaven


In this video demo and tutorial I show some of the great new functions of Meteor Multitrack Recorder by playing and recording a cover of “South of Heaven” by Slayer. I show how Meteor is a real multitrack recorder now by recording 3 tracks simultaneously as well as covering how to set up virtual midi Rock On →

N-Track Studio Multitrack Recorder for iOS demo


In this video I demo N-Track Studio by recording some Guitar through an Apogee Jam into Ampkit using Audiobus. The song i play is the intro to Porcelina by The Smashing Pumpkins. For less then $8 bucks total after IAP and it being a universal app, I’d consider this app one hell of a great Rock On →

Cubasis Demo: Recording Audio using Audiobus


A quick demo of recording Audio into Cubasis using Audiobus. In this video i have downloaded the master tracks to a Nine Inch Nails song (Wish from the Broken Album) and opened them in Cubasis.. I remove the guitar from the song and record my own using the Apogee Jam, Ampkit and Audiobus. After recording Rock On →

Auria into Auria Part2: Live monitoring using subgroups and I/O Matrix


This tutorial is part 2 of how to record Auria into Auria using Audiobus. This time I show you a slightly more advanced but ultimately better way of recording Auria into Auria. Using subgroups you can live monitor you effects processing as they record. As Doug showed you how to record audio from the same Rock On →

Recording Auria into Auria using Audiobus


Here is a quick tutorial on Using Audiobus to record Auria into Auria with Ampkit as an effect. I also touch on creating a loop, using snap functions, and recording guitar through an Apogee Jam Digital Audio interface. In a future tutorial I plan on showing how to do some live effects mixing from Auria Rock On →

Custom AmpKit Presets vol1


Here are some custom AmpKit Presets. To install click the download link from your iPhone or iPad and select “open with AmpKit”. The preset will then appear in your “My Setups” section of AmpKit. Please note you must own all the effects and amps listed in order for it to work. Sultanic Trash Metal preview: Rock On →

Using iFretless Guitar as a MIDI controller for BM2


A tutorial on how to control BM2 keyboard sampler using iFretless guitar running it through Ampkit using audiobus.

Turning Guitarism from an acoustic to an electric using Ampkit and Audiobus


A quick tutorial on turning Guitarism into an Electric using Ampkit and Audiobus.