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N-Track Studio Multitrack Recorder for iOS demo


In this video I demo N-Track Studio by recording some Guitar through an Apogee Jam into Ampkit using Audiobus. The song i play is the intro to Porcelina by The Smashing Pumpkins. For less then $8 bucks total after IAP and it being a universal app, I’d consider this app one hell of a great Rock On →

Cubasis Demo: Recording Audio using Audiobus


A quick demo of recording Audio into Cubasis using Audiobus. In this video i have downloaded the master tracks to a Nine Inch Nails song (Wish from the Broken Album) and opened them in Cubasis.. I remove the guitar from the song and record my own using the Apogee Jam, Ampkit and Audiobus. After recording Rock On →

Recording Auria into Auria using Audiobus


Here is a quick tutorial on Using Audiobus to record Auria into Auria with Ampkit as an effect. I also touch on creating a loop, using snap functions, and recording guitar through an Apogee Jam Digital Audio interface. In a future tutorial I plan on showing how to do some live effects mixing from Auria Rock On →