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Brazilian Drum Machine – Another great percussion app from Luis Martinez


Brazilian Drum Machine was recently released for iPad and iPhone. This universal app comes from Luis Martinez, the developer behind the excellent Rock Drum Machine 2 (which I reviewed here), and Afro Latin Drum Machine 2. If you’re familiar with the developers other apps, you’ll feel right at home with Brazilian Drum Machine. Using the Rock On →

Classic App Review – KORG’s iElectribe


Anyone who’s read some of my previous reviews knows that I’m a pretty big fan of the iOS apps that KORG has developed. My “desert island/can only have one app” choice would easily be KORG Gadget. I’ve recently been exploring the depths of the KORG iMS-20, all the while dreaming of owning a physical MS-20 Rock On →

Hexaglyphics – A new noise generator from the future


Hexaglyphics is a new noise generator app from develope Nicola Pisanti, and it is a trip. Check out the very helpful User Guide video from the developer for a good overview. As you can see, visually this app evokes thoughts of The Matrix. You could say that the sounds it creates would be right at Rock On →

Metronom from Monoplugs – A metronome plus a rhythm and speed trainer


Metronom (yes, I’m spelling that correctly) is a new app from Monoplugs, developers of the great B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro app (which I reviewed here). This one is exactly what you’d expect it to be – a metronome app. But it does add a bit more than just a metronome, as you can see in Rock On →

Diode-108 review – Another great drum sequencer for iOS


Diode-108 is the newest drum app entry into the iOS scene, brought to us by the developers Vibrant Digital Engineering. Now, before you run away saying “Not another drum app”, hang in for a few minutes and read on. Diode-108 offers several very unique features that are not available elsewhere, and the easy-to-use interface and small Rock On →

SoundScaper app review – Crazy circuit bending mayhem from Igor Vasiliev


The much-anticipated SoundScaper from Igor Vasiliev has arrived this week, and we are all better for it. Okay, that may be a bit over the top, but this app is definitely unique in the iOS environment. There can be no denying that. SoundScaper is essentially a circuit bending app, but without the wires and soldering Rock On →

Zed Synth app review – An absolute stunner of a synth


The hits just keep coming. I feel like a broken record, but just when I say “I’ve got all the iOS synths that I could possibly use”, along comes another one that grabs my attention. This one is Zed Synth by Jazz Man Ltd., and it’s a beauty. For starters, check out the awesome overview Rock On →

AUFX: Push has arrived – More effects wizardry from Kymatica


I could easily make this my shortest review ever. Go buy this app. The end. But I suspect you might be looking for more from me. So, the latest in the AUFX effects series is called AUFX:Push. It is a compressor, featuring side-chain compression, a limiter, and a noise gate. Check the video below to Rock On →

Singaling app review – An easy to use vocal effects app


As far as vocal apps go in the iOS world, there are quite a few to choose from. While these may focus on mic simulations (see MicSwap) or provide a suite of effects (VocaLive, Voice Rack FX), perhaps you are looking for something quick, simple and effective. Singaling may be the app for you. Offering Rock On →

Audreio – Wirelessly stream audio between iOS devices


I find myself to be in the fortunate position to own more than one iOS device. While I use my iPad Air 1 almost exclusively for making music, I do dabble a bit on my iPhone 6 as well. Having upgraded from the iPhone 4s, I’ve found the extra screen size of the iPhone 6 Rock On →