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Fugue Machine – A multi-playhead piano roll app from Alexandernaut


The much-anticipated Fugue Machine by Alexander Randon (Alexandernaut) was just released today. It’s good. So good. Check out the demo video below: You may already own Alexandernaut’s other app, Arpeggionome. Much like that app, Fugue Machine approaches music sequencing in an entirely unique way. Using up to four playheads simultaneously, you are capable of creating Rock On →

Intro to Arpeggionome Pro


In this demo and walkthrough I show how to use most of the functions in Arpeggionome Pro. Although I don’t find the accelerometer to be very useful and I’m not an Arp guy, I had a lot of fun with this and that’s what is important. If you are into arps, this is a great Rock On →