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midiSTEPs – The new MIDI step sequencer from developer Art Kerns


After releasing midiLFOs in July of 2015 (review here), developer Art Kerns has released the another in his series of MIDI apps, called midiSTEPs. As the name implies, this app is a step sequencer app that sends MIDI out to your iOS and external synths. Check out the video below. As you can see from Rock On →

midiLFOs app review – A great way to add LFO modulation to your synths

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Every once in awhile, an app comes along that makes you think “Why didn’t anyone think of that before?” Developer Art Kerns has just released midiLFOs for iPad, and this is one of those apps. With midiLFOs, you can control your virtual iOS synths or hardware synths via midi using LFO waveforms. As you can Rock On →