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Audiobus Remote has arrived – A new app from the Audiobus team


By now you’ve likely heard about the release of the new app from the Audiobus team – Audiobus Remote. Interest peaked last week when the team slowly started dropping hints about a “super secret” new app on the way. We can now finally see what they hype was about, and I think you’ll agree it Rock On →

SoundPrism Electro has arrived – A new app from Audanika


Audanika, the developers behind the classic SoundPrism Pro app, have released a new app in the SoundPrism series called SoundPrism Electro. While it shares many features as the previous SoundPrism Pro app, SoundPrism Electro brings some great enhancements and new sounds to your iPads. As seen in the promo video above, the interface is very similar Rock On →