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iOS Musicians favourite iOS Music


My intention when volunteering for writing here was to present some of the brilliant music iOS artists publish. To get things going (after being on holiday) I asked the musicians at the iPad Musician facebook group, which tracks impressed them the most. Here are some of the answers: The most mentioned tracks was “Zombie Orkestra” by Rock On →

Official: Echo Pad – Audio Examples and Preset Demo


This is an official demo for Echo Pad from Holderness Media. “This video demonstrates some of the new parameters in the delay control panel for multi-tap delays, as well as processing guitar and other apps through some of Echo Pad’s factory presets.”

AudioMastering App: Mastering in Audiobus


In this demo I show how we can use AudioMastering App with Audiobus to master a finished song on the fly. In this video I remaster my finished version of “Solitude” by Black Sabbath from Cubasis and Record the mastered version right back into Cubasis. I think this is a really great way to master Rock On →

How to Record Audio into NanoStudio using Audiobus


Figuring out how to record audio into NanoStudio using Audiobus isn’t as obvious as it is with other apps. This is a quick tutorial showing how to record into the NanoStudio TRG. I used Alchemy as my input app. I hope this was helpful. 😀

Recording JamUp into GarageBand using Audiobus


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to record JamUp with Garageband Mobile using Audiobus. (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) All music was recorded directly into the app on iPad 3 using the Apogee Jam audio interfac This video was donated by Derek Buddemeyer