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AudioShare gets an update…but read this first BEFORE updating!


The indispensable AudioShare app has just been updated, but I suggest reading the update notes first! Developer Jonatan Liljedahl gave users a heads-up in advance, that Apple has required him to remove the web browser functionality from AudioShare. This means that if you use AudioShare to download free user-created presets or samples, you will no Rock On →

Diode-108 gets a big first update – MIDI sync and note in, Audioshare and Audiocopy, and more


Diode-108 just got a big, big update, bringing in MIDI sync, MIDI in, and improved options for bringing in your own samples. Here’s the new Press Release straight from the Vibrant Digital Engineering. Vibrant Digital Engineering releases version 1.1.0 of its acclaimed Diode-108 Drum Machine for iPadVibrant’s Diode-108 gets a variety of new features with Rock On →

AudioShare gets a massive update – An amazing app gets even better!


AudioShare, the absolute must-have app from Kymatica, just got a MASSIVE update today. Seriously, check out the list of new features below: MAJOR NEW FEATURES • New and improved visual design. • Auto-zoom when trimming audio. • Apply fade in/out when trimming audio. • New built-in text editor for taking notes. • WiFi Drive: Access Rock On →

JamUp Pro acoustic pack sound demo


In this video I do a quick demo of some of the new effects and amps in Positive Grid’s Jamup Pro. I use guitarism and audiobus to record the results in Audioshare for a higher quality sound. I cover the Acoustic Imaging Amp, the Acoustic EQ pedal, The Acoustic Reverb Pedal, and the Vintage Delay Rock On →

Intro to Harmony Voice


In this video I show you how to get started with Harmony Voice, a vocals processing app by VirSyn. I also give a decent demo of the sound quality and functions of the app by using a vocal sample sung by Trent Reznor taken from his official sample release of “Only” by Nine Inch Nails. Rock On →

Nave – Making a Patch from Scratch by Sampling Any iOS App


In this tutorial I show how you can sample any iOS app using Audiobus to record into Audioshare and open it directly into Nave to start a new patch. I just show a little bit about setting up your own patch and saving it. This is a really cool way to make patches, kind of Rock On →

The Top 3 Music Utility Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch


Here is a quick demo of what I think are the Top 3 musical utility apps are for iOS that no serious iOS musician should be without. I take a little time to explain some of what each app can do. 1. Audiobus 2. Audioshare 3. MidiBridge

Backing Tracks vol.1


Hey All, Made up these backing tracks for iOS. Feel free to use these backing tracks for any purpose, load them into loopy and jam along using Audiobus. Load them into Ampkit and play guitar. What ever you like. Preview: These tracks were all mixed in FL Studio for PC. I used a variety of Rock On →