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BIG updates coming – Cubasis, ThumbJam and DrumJam


Next week looks to be a BIG week of app updates for iOS musicians. Cubasis has submitted version 1.8 to Apple, which will bring the long-awaited automation to this great DAW. If all goes well, the developer Steinberg states that the update should go live on March 21st. And if that wasn’t enough, both ThumbJam and Rock On →

Cubasis voted the users favourite DAW


The poll results are in… Cubasis is the favourite DAW of iOS users. It was a landslide with Auria at a distant 2nd place and Beatmaker2 in 3rd. Here are the results! Take place in the new vote now!

Ryan & Colin – iOS Collaboration – Nightmare on the Bus


This is an iOS music collaboration between myself and Colin Powell (aka Alter Ego uk). We started this on the Audiobus forum. I made the original Drumline and bass and he added the rest of the instruments, I mastered it afterwards. Ryan: Audiobus BeatMaker2 – Drums and Bass Mixing – Cubasis Vocal effects – VocaLive Rock On →

AudioMastering App: Mastering in Audiobus


In this demo I show how we can use AudioMastering App with Audiobus to master a finished song on the fly. In this video I remaster my finished version of “Solitude” by Black Sabbath from Cubasis and Record the mastered version right back into Cubasis. I think this is a really great way to master Rock On →

Ryan Hemeon – Right where it belongs


Here is cover of the Nine Inch Nails song. I didn’t do the best job with the vocals, specially in the beginning. It gets A LOT better after 2:00 I used: Audiobus Synth – Animoog Piano – BeatMaker2 Vocals – Apogee Jam, Cubasis effects Mixing – Cubasis

Colin Powell (Alter Ego UK) – Obsession


A great rock song by iOS musician Colin Powell aka Alter Ego UK A remake/re-record of an old Yellow Day song (lyrics courtesy of original vocalist Paul Whittle). 14 tracks in Cubasis on iPad (guitars through Amplitube via Audiobus, plus Guitarism plus internal Cubasis instruments).

Colin Powell (Alter Ego UK) – Searching for what can never be foun


Here is a great song by iOS musician Colin Powell aka Alter Ego UK This is my homage to prog/pomp rock. It contains many prog cliches It is also my first use of Yonac’s Gallileo organ app. Other apps used include Thumbjam for the Mellotron, JamUp Pro for my guitar and the built in Rock Rock On →

Ryan Hemeon – Solitude


Here is a quick cover of Solitude by Black Sabbath. From figuring out how to play it to recorded in less then an hour. One of my favourite bass lines of all time. Guitar – AmpKit+ Taos clean, phase72 Bass – AmpKit+ Ashdown Drums – BM2 Derek Buddemeyer studio pop kit flute – BM2 Sustain Rock On →

Cubasis: Syncing Audio with Virtual MIDI and Audiobus


In this tutorial I show how to record live midi loops, edit them and send them to other apps on iOS, then sync the audio back into Cubasis with the use of Audiobus. This all works a lot like it does on a desktop DAW with MIDI and VST’s but all on iPad. In this Rock On →

Cubasis Demo: Recording Audio using Audiobus


A quick demo of recording Audio into Cubasis using Audiobus. In this video i have downloaded the master tracks to a Nine Inch Nails song (Wish from the Broken Album) and opened them in Cubasis.. I remove the guitar from the song and record my own using the Apogee Jam, Ampkit and Audiobus. After recording Rock On →