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Diode-108 gets a sweet new update – Advanced FX and more!


I’ve previously written about Diode-108, the excellent drum sequencer app from Vibrant Digital Engineering here and here. It’s a fantastic sequencer, full of samples that range from classic 808/909 sounds, more exotic electronic sounds, and even some impressive rock/acoustic kits. The app just got a nice update today, which added Advanced FX Mode, which allows you to add Rock On →

Diode-108 gets a big first update – MIDI sync and note in, Audioshare and Audiocopy, and more


Diode-108 just got a big, big update, bringing in MIDI sync, MIDI in, and improved options for bringing in your own samples. Here’s the new Press Release straight from the Vibrant Digital Engineering. Vibrant Digital Engineering releases version 1.1.0 of its acclaimed Diode-108 Drum Machine for iPadVibrant’s Diode-108 gets a variety of new features with Rock On →

Diode-108 review – Another great drum sequencer for iOS


Diode-108 is the newest drum app entry into the iOS scene, brought to us by the developers Vibrant Digital Engineering. Now, before you run away saying “Not another drum app”, hang in for a few minutes and read on. Diode-108 offers several very unique features that are not available elsewhere, and the easy-to-use interface and small Rock On →