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Elastic Drums gets another big update in Version 1.6


Elastic Drums, the fantastic drum synthesizer app from Oliver Greschke and MoM Instruments, just keeps on getting better and better. Today saw an app update to Version 1.6, which brings many new features, including Audiobus Remote compatibility, as well new bass and drone synths, and an entirely new Jam Screen. Check out the video from Rock On →

Patterning by Olympia Noise Co. is here!


The much anticipated Patterning drum sequencer by Olympia Noise Co. has just been released today. If you’ve been reading this site, or are a regular on the Audiobus Forum or the iPad Musician Facebook page, you’ve likely seen some pre-release info about this app. I’ve been fortunate to have a copy of the app for Rock On →

Diode-108 review – Another great drum sequencer for iOS


Diode-108 is the newest drum app entry into the iOS scene, brought to us by the developers Vibrant Digital Engineering. Now, before you run away saying “Not another drum app”, hang in for a few minutes and read on. Diode-108 offers several very unique features that are not available elsewhere, and the easy-to-use interface and small Rock On →