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Fiddlewax Pro version 2.0 hits the App Store with some big new features


I recently reviewed Fiddlewax Pro by developer Adam Kumpf. I was very impressed with the app at the time. I also had mentioned how active Adam had been within the community, specifically over on the Audiobus forums. A lot of users provided some great feature suggestions, and it is clear that he was listening. Version Rock On →

Fiddlewax Pro – The new app from Adam Kumpf


Developer Adam Kumpf, maker of Fiddlewax Yellow and Fiddlewax Blue, has released another app in the Fiddlewax collection – Fiddlewax Pro. Yes, I just used the word “Fiddlewax” four times in one sentence. Off to a great start!  But on a more serious note, I have recently had the chance to play with Fiddlewax Pro, Rock On →