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New Video from JamStik: Treasure – Bruno Mars


Christopher Heille and friends redo “Treasure” by Bruno Mars in this new JamStik demo. “A couple of friends re-build “Treasure” armed with a JamStik, a MIDI drum pad and ddrum kick trigger, 2 iPads, a handful of apps, and a microphone. Apple’s GarageBand is the handling the bulk of the recording, and we’re using GarageBand’s Rock On →

Nathan Tillett – No Time Like Today


I came across this great video by Nathan Tillett. Nathan used only his iPad to create the music and video. He used mostly garageband for the music.

Recording JamUp into GarageBand using Audiobus


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to record JamUp with Garageband Mobile using Audiobus. (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) All music was recorded directly into the app on iPad 3 using the Apogee Jam audio interfac This video was donated by Derek Buddemeyer

Recording Guitarism into GarageBand using Audiobus


A quick tutorial on how to record things into GarageBand for iOS using Audiobus. I used Guitarism as my input app and Ampkit as the effect Hope you enjoy! -Ryan