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JamUp Pro acoustic pack sound demo


In this video I do a quick demo of some of the new effects and amps in Positive Grid’s Jamup Pro. I use guitarism and audiobus to record the results in Audioshare for a higher quality sound. I cover the Acoustic Imaging Amp, the Acoustic EQ pedal, The Acoustic Reverb Pedal, and the Vintage Delay Rock On →

Guitarism: Rockstar Collection IAP High quality sound demo


This is a demo of some of the sounds available with the Rockstar collection IAP that is now available in Guitarism. In this video I show off the 12 string acoustic, the 12 string electric with Delay, Clean tone Electric, and Electric with heavy distortion. There are many many more sounds and effects available but Rock On →

Guitarism – How to use the looper


In this quick tutorial I show how to use the looper function in Guitarism. Unlike other loopers there is no start and stop functions. An awesome way to audition effects and even useful in a song or live performance.

Maria Calfa-De Paul – Best Thing in My Life


Here is a great song by Maria Calf-De Paul, played live on iPad using Guitarism’s Triple Play IAP. Maria made this video for an entry to a contest on the iPad Musicians Facebook group (which I am a proud member and new admin of) so make sure you become a member for news, talk, contests Rock On →

Guitarism controlling Nave and Thor – Improv Jam


In this quick video I use Guitarism to have a little improv jam with Nave and Thor at the Same time. I used one of Thor’s main presets and for Nave I made my own custom guitar patch. This is the first time I have attempted to use the Chord pads to do a “solo” Rock On →

UnseenCause – I’m so tired


A new Beatles cover from Unseen Cause, this time of “I’m So Tired”, using the guitarism “Triple Play” IAP. He’s playing 4 instruments simultaneously: guitarism (acoustic guitar) + guitar notes stream going to Music Studio (Harmony Pad) + bass stream going to Seline Ultimate (Modern Bach) + chords stream going to SoundPrism Pro (Organ). Very Rock On →

Ryan Hemeon – Wah King Down (The Street)


I’ve never made a song like this before.. Made using PolyChord, Guitarism, iFretless Guitar, Ampkit, BM2 and Audiobus

Guitarism Graphic Evolution


Hey Everyone, One thing you may not know about me is that besides making tons of videos, running this site, beta testing, etc.. I also made the graphics for Guitarism. Well the new graphics anyhow, since 3.0. So i thought it might be neat to show everyone some of the “rejected” Guitarism graphics. I’ve never Rock On →

Guitarism: The Arp Test


This video was taken about a month ago durring beta testing for the Guitarisms 3P IAP. I always film my beta testing sessions to help display exactly what I find to the Developer. In this video I was testing to see how well an Arp would work with Guitarism. I control Magellan as the Arp, Rock On →

Guitarism and iGrand Demo: Pink Floyd – Nobody Home


Here is a demo of Guitarism controlling iGrand via virtual midi. In this demo I play and sing “Nobody Home” by Pink Floyd. This is pretty much the greatest thing ever for any guitarist who wants to play piano without taking the time to learn it. 😀