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Johnny Mini hits the App Store


Christopher Rice (Holderness Media) just released the iPhone version of his sweet tremolo effects app, called Johnny Mini. As with the others in the “Mini” series, this version has all the fun of the iPad version, but for your iPhone. If you missed the release of the iPad version, here’s a demo video showing it Rock On →

Johnny – Multiwave Tremolo Effect for iPad from Holderness Media is out now!


Holderness Media has just released a brand new effects app for your iPad. Called Johnny, it is a multiwave tremolo effect. Check out the release demo video below: With an interface similar to recent releases such as Caramel, Crystalline, and Swoopster, this new app will be immediately user-friendly. As with the other apps from Christopher Rock On →

Holderness Media apps – now available in ‘mini’ iPhone versions!


Holderness Media has just released four new versions of their fantastic apps, now in iPhone form! While Echo Pad had previously been a Universal app, the other suite of apps had been iPad only – until now. Available today are Caramel Mini, Crystalline Mini, Swoopster Mini, and Stereo Designer Mini. Designed specifically for the iPhone interface, Rock On →

Video: Caramel High Quality Audio Demo


Here is a quick sound demo of “Caramel” a new effects app by Holderness Media. I use DM-1 drum machine as well as a dry metal guitar riff in bm2 to test this out. You can really get some neat sounds out of this app, I really like what it does to drums. Thank you Rock On →

Caramel app review – A new distortion effect from Holderness Media


I recently wrote an article about five of my favorite iOS music app developers. Christoper Rice (Holderness Media) was an easy choice for that list, based on his excellent resume of effects apps (Echo Pad, Swoopster, Stereo Designer, and Crystalline). Never one to rest apparently, he has released another fantastic new effects app called Caramel Rock On →

Five iOS music app developers that you NEED to know


OK, so that headline was clearly a shameless attempt at grabbing your attention. But, now that I’ve got it, I thought it might be a good time to discuss some of my favorite iOS music app developers. For many of you, these names will be familiar. But for some of the new folks to the Rock On →

Official: Echo Pad – Audio Examples and Preset Demo


This is an official demo for Echo Pad from Holderness Media. “This video demonstrates some of the new parameters in the delay control panel for multi-tap delays, as well as processing guitar and other apps through some of Echo Pad’s factory presets.”

Official: Echo Pad – Multi Tap + Various other features explained


This is an official video for EchoPad. In this video they walkthrough the Multi Tap feature as well as a lot of the features added in this update.

Echo Pad : Import Export Tutorial


This is an official video from Holderness Media. How to import and export audio in Echo Pad using AudioCopyPaste and Export To AudioShare. More info: Holderness Media

Echo Pad : Audio Loopers Tutorial


This is an official video from Holderness Media. How to use the main audio looper + scratch loopers in Echo Pad More info: Holderness Media