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Maria Calfa-De Paul – Best Thing in My Life


Here is a great song by Maria Calf-De Paul, played live on iPad using Guitarism’s Triple Play IAP. Maria made this video for an entry to a contest on the iPad Musicians Facebook group (which I am a proud member and new admin of) so make sure you become a member for news, talk, contests Rock On →

Intro to Meteor Multitrack Recorder: Slayer – South of Heaven


In this video demo and tutorial I show some of the great new functions of Meteor Multitrack Recorder by playing and recording a cover of “South of Heaven” by Slayer. I show how Meteor is a real multitrack recorder now by recording 3 tracks simultaneously as well as covering how to set up virtual midi Rock On →

iFretless Bass Demo Primus-DMV


A demo of iFretless Bass. Playing and singing a little bit of Primus – DMV. I think it’s a great showcase of what you can do with iFretless in a rock band.