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FieldScaper from Igor Vasiliev – A field recorder app with twisted possibilities


Developer Igor Vasiliev has just dropped another “far out” app into the iOS world with his latest app, FieldScaper. This universal app serves as both a field recorder, and a soundscaper. Check out the overview video below: Per Igor’s website, the purpose of FieldScaper is “to shorten the way from recording samples to create spectacular Rock On →

SoundScaper app review – Crazy circuit bending mayhem from Igor Vasiliev


The much-anticipated SoundScaper from Igor Vasiliev has arrived this week, and we are all better for it. Okay, that may be a bit over the top, but this app is definitely unique in the iOS environment. There can be no denying that. SoundScaper is essentially a circuit bending app, but without the wires and soldering Rock On →

AltiSpace review – New convolution reverb app from Igor Vasiliev


In my most recent post, I talked about my five favorite developers of iOS music apps. In a nice bit of timing, one of those developers, Igor Vasiliev, has just released a new app, AltiSpace. As with his other apps, it is brilliant, and highly recommended. If you’re like me, you more than likely already Rock On →

Five iOS music app developers that you NEED to know


OK, so that headline was clearly a shameless attempt at grabbing your attention. But, now that I’ve got it, I thought it might be a good time to discuss some of my favorite iOS music app developers. For many of you, these names will be familiar. But for some of the new folks to the Rock On →