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Musix Pro as a MIDI controller


In this demo I wanted to show off Musix Pro because I think it’s very under rated. This is an app I use in a lot of my songs but I never hear anyone else talk about it. In this video I control iGrand and then switch over to Thor and use two of the Rock On →

Meteor Multitrack Recorder: The Video plugin


In this demo and tutorial I show how to use the video plugin in Meteor Multitrack Recorder to add music to your videos. The perfect option for anyone who wants to add music to their videos using Audiobus compatible apps without the use of a computer. In this video I play iGrand over top of Rock On →

Guitarism and iGrand Demo: Pink Floyd – Nobody Home


Here is a demo of Guitarism controlling iGrand via virtual midi. In this demo I play and sing “Nobody Home” by Pink Floyd. This is pretty much the greatest thing ever for any guitarist who wants to play piano without taking the time to learn it. 😀

Intro to Auria: Recording audio using Audiobus


In this tutorial I go over some of the basic features of Auria and some of it’s limitations. Setting Tempo, Transport options, Audio Paste, etc.. Then I show how to record audio into Auria using Audiobus. I start off recording Animoog and then add to it by using Guitarism as a midi controller for iGrand. Rock On →

MidiBridge: Splitting a MIDI controller between two apps


In this tutorial I show how to hook up an external midi controller (M-Audio KeyRig 49) and send the midi to two separate apps using MidiBridge. I use Audiobus to keep the apps running in the background, iGrand and Magellan.