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(Bring Back My) SynthMaster Love – A new video from Better Than Epic


There is most likely a considerable crossover between readers of our site here and the Audiobus forum. If you haven’t signed up and browsed the forum over there, you really are missing out on some great discussions. And today brings us a collaboration between three Audiobus forum regulars (and one non-member). They have put together Rock On →

electrocelte 9.0 – The new album from Supersonic Tartan Death Machine


The new album from Supersonic Tartan Death Machine named electrocelte 9.0 has just been released on Bandcamp. Boasting an always interesting mix of electronic sounds and beats with traditional bagpipes and Irish whistles, STDM creates some great tracks. You may recognize the name from a previous write-up back in February, when I featured STDM in my post Rock On →

apeDelay – Another great effects app by apeSoft


I’ve been a fan of apeSoft apps for quite some time now. Not only is there the “trio” of apps (iDensity, Stria, and iPulsaret) that were released a while ago, but the incredible iVCS3 synth. The iVCS3 is an amazing emulation of the classic (and rare) EMS VCS3 hardware synth. If developer Alessandro Petrolati has stopped Rock On →

Metronom from Monoplugs – A metronome plus a rhythm and speed trainer


Metronom (yes, I’m spelling that correctly) is a new app from Monoplugs, developers of the great B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro app (which I reviewed here). This one is exactly what you’d expect it to be – a metronome app. But it does add a bit more than just a metronome, as you can see in Rock On →

This Music Plants Trees – A new compilation album to help the environment


A new compilation album is being released to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. Brought to you by Sound for Good Records, This Music Plants Trees is an album of 155 (!) tracks from many walks of life. There are a lot of familiar names from the iOS music scene, including Martin Neuhold, Frozen Lonesome, Rock On →

New release from Adam Matza – Transitions


The “holiday” of 4/20 saw a new album release from Adam Matza, called “Transitions”. This album is very heavy on the experimental side, and has a very live feel, owing to the fact that these tracks were live improvisational sessions at Hendricks Isle Studios (Fort Lauderdale) and live public performances between September 2014 and March of Rock On →

PhaseRings gets a great update – Audiobus compatibility and more!


PhaseRings, by developer Charles Martin, just got an update today, making it much more usable for iOS musicians. This update brings in both Audiobus and Inter-App Audio (IAA) compatibility, so you can now send these sweet sounds through your favorite effects apps, and into your DAW of choice. In addition, there is now full MIDI Rock On →

Speed Bumps – A new album by thinds


A new album from thinds just hit Bandcamp today, called Speed Bumps. Made exclusively on iPad, the five song EP can be purchased for $3 USD here. Speed Bumps by thinds Using mainly the e-l-s-a and brother apps from developer Erik Sigth, along with Novation Launchpad, the album is a bit hard to classify. Part ambient, Rock On →

reve – The new iOS album by blooms


There’s been a ridiculously good amount of music released lately that have been made using iOS devices. Luckily for us, one more just hit yesterday. The album reve by blooms has just been released on Bandcamp, and it is solid. reve by blooms. A great mix of ambient music, with some funky beats thrown in, Rock On →

Tempo Rubato brings a classic harpsichord to the iPad


Tempo Rubato had been teasing their new app in the past few weeks, and today that app has finally been released. That app is a harpsichord app by the name of Historic Harpsichords – Ruckers 1628. I received my copy this morning, and have had a brief chance to give it a spin. I’ll do Rock On →