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Notetracks – A cool collaboration app for iOS musicians


Making music on mobile devices have allowed musicians like me to be able to create full songs on my own, in the comfort of my own home. While this allows me to do this at any hour of the day or night, one thing that is missing is the collaborative aspect of working with other Rock On →

Elastic Drums gets another big update in Version 1.6


Elastic Drums, the fantastic drum synthesizer app from Oliver Greschke and MoM Instruments, just keeps on getting better and better. Today saw an app update to Version 1.6, which brings many new features, including Audiobus Remote compatibility, as well new bass and drone synths, and an entirely new Jam Screen. Check out the video from Rock On →

MIDIBrute by Numerical Audio – An iOS app to configure your MicroBrute or MiniBrute


I’ve slowly started dipping my toes into the world of hardware synths. While I had been exclusively iOS for many years (with the exception of my guitars, of course), I had managed to resist the siren song of analog synths. Until, I finally bought an Arturia MicroBrute earlier this year. A great synthesizer at an Rock On →

The Most of It – A new “greatest hits” album from Evangelos Koudonas


I’ve featured a lot of musicians and their albums here on iOS MARS, and the majority of those musicians make music that would be described as electronic, or ambient, or dance/EDM. But today, I’m here to tell you about the new album from Evangelos Koudonas, called “The Most of It”. This album is all about Rock On →

Video Production iOS vs PC


Hey all, Since the beginning of iOS MARS all my videos have been made 100% on ios. Shot on iPhone, edited on iPad. This includes the intros and outros as well as the sound effects and theme. Recently I have been trying to make better videos, spending more time editing, adding high quality audio, featured Rock On →

Let me introduce myself…


Hi everyone…:) So, I’m new here. And though some of you have seen me before, on the iPad Musician group or on the page or in the apptronica magazine, I thought some words to introduce myself and about my plans and vision would be helpful. I’m 42 years old, live in Germany (forgive me Rock On →

birdStepper – A great new effects app from birdSound


birdSound music has recently released a great new effects app called birdStepper. The app features 8 different effects, which can be tweaked to create some subtle delay or chorus, all the way to some insane wobble or pitch shifting madness. The effects can be applied by using a time-synced automation, by drawing curves based on the Rock On →

Music: Life on Mars released! – Music from the iOS community to help save iOS MARS!


Well known ios musician Martin Neuhold organized this compilation in an effort to raise funds to help save iOS MARS. The response was huge! Within one day we’ve been able to put together 2 full albums of music. And it’s really good too! All made on iOS devices! There should be a volume 3 shortly Rock On →

Custom FL Studio/Music Studio Drum Kits


Hello All, Here are a few studio quality drum set instruments I have made by sampling Toontrack VST’s in FL Studio for PC. These instruments can only be used with FL Studio Mobile and Music Studio. You will have to adjust the release on most of the pads (or the overall instrument) in order for Rock On →

iFretless Guitar Sound Pack 1 demo


Here is an official demo by Blue Mangoo iFretless Guitar for iPhone and iPad comes with several free sounds. An additional set of five sounds is available as an in-app-purchase. This video demonstrates those five sounds. Contact the developers on Facebook: This video was posted at the request of Blue Mangoo