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Rytmik Ultimate – A new groovebox app for iPad


The developers Cinemax have just released their groovebox app Rytmik Ultimate for iPad (simultaneously released on the Nintendo 3DS and Windows Steam). Described as “a powerful pocket music station”, this app is geared towards those who like to make chiptune or club/techno tracks. Check out the launch demo video below: While not a traditional synth Rock On →

BIAS FX – A monster guitar effects app from Positive Grid


If you’re a guitarist using iOS devices, there’s no doubt that you’ve already heard about BIAS FX. Released back in April of this year, I’m very late to the party. But I’m on board now, and I’m very much enjoying the latest offering from Positive Grid. Check of just one of their YouTube demos for Rock On → – A circuit-bending synthesizer app for your iPad


There is a curious but fascinating subset of musicians out there who create music by circuit bending. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, circuit bending is “the creative, chance-based customization of the circuits within electronic devices such as low voltage, battery-powered guitar effects, children’s toys and digital synthesizers to create new musical or visual instruments Rock On →

Syntorial for iPad has arrived – An interactive app for synthesis training


The synthesis training software Syntorial has just been released for iPad. Available previously on PC and Mac, now you can learn all about sound synthesis on the go. With 129 interactive challenges, you’ll learn not only what those synth parameters do, but how to hear sound in order to create sound. Each lesson will walk Rock On →

Arpeggist app review – A new stand-alone arpreggiator from VirSyn


If you’ve been involved in the iOS music app scene for even a short time, you’re probably familiar with the developers VirSyn. Known for their excellent iOS synths (Tera, Cube Synth, and others) and effects apps (AudioReverb, Harmony Voice, iVoxel, etc.), VirSyn has a legion of fans. Those who have used their synth apps are also Rock On →

Johnny – Multiwave Tremolo Effect for iPad from Holderness Media is out now!


Holderness Media has just released a brand new effects app for your iPad. Called Johnny, it is a multiwave tremolo effect. Check out the release demo video below: With an interface similar to recent releases such as Caramel, Crystalline, and Swoopster, this new app will be immediately user-friendly. As with the other apps from Christopher Rock On →

Drums XD app review – Custom build your dream kit


Yes, another drum app review. Wait, don’t go! Sure, I have featured DrumPerfect, and Rock Drum Machine, and Elastic Drums here on the site in the past, but Drums XD provides much of what is missing with those other apps. Drums XD does bring many innovative features to the table, and it sounds good to Rock On →

UVI’s BeatHawk for iPad finally arrives!


The long-awaited BeatHawk from UVI has just been released. If you’re unfamiliar with BeatHawk, it is an MPC-style app designed for quick beats and tracks. With all due respect to UVI, ignore the slick marketing promotional video, and watch the tutorial videos instead (UVI YouTube channel here). Here’s one good look at the app in action, Rock On →

Oriental Strings for your iPad – A new release from Crudebyte


Oriental Strings was just released for the iPad yesterday by Crudebyte, the developers behind the popular CMP Piano and iSymphonic Orchestra apps. As the name would imply, this app is an orchestral app with with some Arabian flavor. Much like the recent iSymphonic Orchestra app, Oriental Strings contains high-quality samples of instruments arranged in roughly Rock On →

SoundPrism Electro has arrived – A new app from Audanika


Audanika, the developers behind the classic SoundPrism Pro app, have released a new app in the SoundPrism series called SoundPrism Electro. While it shares many features as the previous SoundPrism Pro app, SoundPrism Electro brings some great enhancements and new sounds to your iPads. As seen in the promo video above, the interface is very similar Rock On →