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New Video from JamStik: Treasure – Bruno Mars


Christopher Heille and friends redo “Treasure” by Bruno Mars in this new JamStik demo. “A couple of friends re-build “Treasure” armed with a JamStik, a MIDI drum pad and ddrum kick trigger, 2 iPads, a handful of apps, and a microphone. Apple’s GarageBand is the handling the bulk of the recording, and we’re using GarageBand’s Rock On →

JamStik – Made in the USA


The guys at JamStik have made an announcement today that JamStik will be made in the USA. I live in Canada so there isn’t any bias when i say I think this is a great idea. They can take a hands on approach to production. Here is their video explaining it! The announcement of initial Rock On →

Jamstik Demo: Daft Punk – Get Lucky


Hello Everyone, Had my mind blown with this amazing demo for Jamstik. Armed with only a JamStik, an iPad, a handful of apps, and a microphone – you can create some amazing music. Check out for more info, or goto before July 9 to preorder via Indiegogo. In “Get Lucky” they use: