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50% off JamUp IAP’s and a vid from Ola Englund


Hey All, Thought I’d pop on and let everyone know that all Expansion Packs for JamUp by Positive Grid are on sale for 50% off! Wow! Wish I’d got in on this but I already have them all! So if you need a few of them… now is the perfect time! I also wanted to Rock On →

JamUp Pro acoustic pack sound demo


In this video I do a quick demo of some of the new effects and amps in Positive Grid’s Jamup Pro. I use guitarism and audiobus to record the results in Audioshare for a higher quality sound. I cover the Acoustic Imaging Amp, the Acoustic EQ pedal, The Acoustic Reverb Pedal, and the Vintage Delay Rock On →

Ryan Hemeon – At home all alone


My first all Audiobus (almost) production. I didn’t use any hardware accept for a cord to hook my iPhone to my iPad for the vocals. The drums were made on PC and imported into Multi Track DAW. Here is the set-up Acoustic Guitar: Musix Pro(midi control)>ThumbJam Acoustic Preset>MT DAW Electric Guitar: Cantor(midi control)>Thumjam Electic Guitar Rock On →

Colin Powell (Alter Ego UK) – Searching for what can never be foun


Here is a great song by iOS musician Colin Powell aka Alter Ego UK This is my homage to prog/pomp rock. It contains many prog cliches It is also my first use of Yonac’s Gallileo organ app. Other apps used include Thumbjam for the Mellotron, JamUp Pro for my guitar and the built in Rock Rock On →

Derek Buddemeyer – Spring Fling


Here is the latest rocking video from Derek Buddemeyer featuring music recorded and produced on iPad. Derek used JamUp for the guitars, Alchemy mobile and Nanostudio for the synth and Beatmaker2 for the drumline. He did the mastering and mixing in Auria A sneak peak at a track that will be featured on my upcoming Rock On →

Using Cantor as a midi controller for ThumbJam in Audiobus w/ Molten


Here is quick tutorial and demo on using Cantor as a MIDI controller with ThumbJam. Using Audiobus to run thumbjam through JamUp and adding a simple drum beat with Molten. I hope that is helpful!

JamUp 8-Track copy/paste


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to paste audio from other apps into JamUp’s 8-track Recorder. Works for drums, bass, piano, synth….most anything that supports ACP. This video was donated by Derek Buddemeyer

Guitarism Demo from Derek Buddemeyer


Here’s a short demo of a great sounding, great playing guitar app…Guitarism. Nice feel and super responsive to the touch. I’m running Audiobus with Guitarism as the input while filtering through JamUp and recording in Cubasis This video was donated by Derek Buddemeyer

Recording JamUp into GarageBand using Audiobus


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to record JamUp with Garageband Mobile using Audiobus. (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) All music was recorded directly into the app on iPad 3 using the Apogee Jam audio interfac This video was donated by Derek Buddemeyer

JamUp Pro XT demo


Down Boys Records artist, Derek Buddemeyer, demonstrates the phrase sampler in JamUp Pro XT for iPhone and iPad with his signature “Rock Addict” presets This video was donated by Derek Buddemeyer