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Korvpressor from Klevgränd arrives – A new compressor/ limiter for your iPad


After taking an unexpected (and welcomed) departure into creating a synthesizer with Enkl, the developers at Klevgränd have returned to making effects apps with Korvpressor. Complimenting their already outstanding distortion app (Squashit), delay app (Vandelay), reverb (Røverb), and phaser/flanger/chorus (Svep), Korvpressor is a compressor/limiter app. I’ve highlighted how much I like their previous efforts here, and Rock On →

Weeel! from Klevgränd is released – MIDI pitch bend and modulation control from your iOS device

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The developers over at Klevgränd have just released another new app, this one with the whimsical name Weeel!. Designed as a X/Y pad to control pitch bend and modulation for hardware devices that may lack a physical wheel to do this. Here is there launch video, which (sort of) shows off the app: As you Rock On →

Klevgränd effects app roundup – including the new Røverb app


The developers at Klevgränd Produktion have been creating some of the most interesting effects apps of late, and have just released their latest, called Røverb. Røverb is a reverb/delay app, but like all apps from Klevgränd, it’s not “just” a reverb or delay app. For anyone who has been reading my reviews, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan Rock On →