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AUFX: Push has arrived – More effects wizardry from Kymatica


I could easily make this my shortest review ever. Go buy this app. The end. But I suspect you might be looking for more from me. So, the latest in the AUFX effects series is called AUFX:Push. It is a compressor, featuring side-chain compression, a limiter, and a noise gate. Check the video below to Rock On →

AudioShare gets a massive update – An amazing app gets even better!


AudioShare, the absolute must-have app from Kymatica, just got a MASSIVE update today. Seriously, check out the list of new features below: MAJOR NEW FEATURES • New and improved visual design. • Auto-zoom when trimming audio. • Apply fade in/out when trimming audio. • New built-in text editor for taking notes. • WiFi Drive: Access Rock On →

Five iOS music app developers that you NEED to know


OK, so that headline was clearly a shameless attempt at grabbing your attention. But, now that I’ve got it, I thought it might be a good time to discuss some of my favorite iOS music app developers. For many of you, these names will be familiar. But for some of the new folks to the Rock On →

Intro to AUFX:Dub


In this review and demo I show you AUFX:Dub, a new delay app from Kymatica. In this video I use my electric guitar plugged in to the Apogee Jam into Audiobus, ampkit and AUFX:Dub. This is probably the last Delay app you’ll ever need and it’s not only delay, it has Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, and Rock On →

Intro to AUFX:Space


In this review and demo i show you AUFX:Space, a new reverb app from Kymatica. Using Guitarism, I go through a bunch of the presets. This is a great sounding reverb app and with it’s affordable price and minimalist design it is something everyone could own and get use out of.