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This Music Plants Trees – A new compilation album to help the environment


A new compilation album is being released to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. Brought to you by Sound for Good Records, This Music Plants Trees is an album of 155 (!) tracks from many walks of life. There are a lot of familiar names from the iOS music scene, including Martin Neuhold, Frozen Lonesome, Rock On →

Let me introduce myself…


Hi everyone…:) So, I’m new here. And though some of you have seen me before, on the iPad Musician group or on the page or in the apptronica magazine, I thought some words to introduce myself and about my plans and vision would be helpful. I’m 42 years old, live in Germany (forgive me Rock On →

Team Expanding


Hey all, As many of you may of noticed this site had almost died. To fix this I’ve recruited a few great team members! Please welcome Sean Garland and Martin Neuhold to iOS MARS! I trust both of these guys completely and have given them all the power I had to give, lol. Sean will Rock On →

Music: Life on Mars released! – Music from the iOS community to help save iOS MARS!


Well known ios musician Martin Neuhold organized this compilation in an effort to raise funds to help save iOS MARS. The response was huge! Within one day we’ve been able to put together 2 full albums of music. And it’s really good too! All made on iOS devices! There should be a volume 3 shortly Rock On →

New Intro for iOS MARS Videos


Here is the new intro for all upcoming iOS MARS videos, you’ll see this a lot in the future. I am only posting it by itself now to give credits and explain how it was created I made this video entirely on iPad. The video was created by me (Ryan Hemeon) using cute CUT editor, Rock On →